Commercial Sprinkler Systems

What kind of sprinkler systems do you have at your facility? A fire protection system is often included as part of construction projects to ensure the safety of both people and property. Is it a good idea to install a fire sprinkler system if there is no fire sprinkler system in the area.

Understanding the differences between sprinkler systems is critical when selecting an appropriate sprinkler system type and how these differences could be beneficial or detrimental in certain situations. Making the wrong decision can result in costly consequences.

Wet Pipe Commercial Sprinkler System

Fires activate sprinkler heads, which immediately release water to smother the fire. The most common type of system is a wet pipe system. Generally, wet pipe systems are overhead pipes containing water under pressure. They are reliable and straightforward. In addition, they require relatively little maintenance and installation. In temperatures below 40F, however, problems can occur, and there is always the possibility of leaks.

Dry Pipe Commercial Sprinkler System

Wet pipe sprinklers use pressurized water throughout the whole system, but dry pipe systems only use indirect, non-heated piping filled with air or nitrogen. When activated by fire, sprinklers release water into the piping system, and then the water is discharged onto the fire. This approach works well in areas where temperatures drop below freezing. Their maintenance is costly, and they may delay the release of water for up to 60 seconds.

Pre-Action Commercial Sprinkler System

Specific situations can cause sprinklers to be triggered by accident in some spaces. Sprinkler systems that use pre-action valves prevent water from entering the system before activating it. A detected fire must start the pre-action valve for the valve to open. Afterward, each fire sprinkler head is automatically emptied. There this is great for areas with expensive or sensitive equipment. The design of these systems is more complicated, the installation is more costly, and they require more maintenance.

Foam Water Commercial Sprinkler System

Because of its simplicity, fire sprinkler systems often use water. It’s not the most effective resource for certain types of fires. Water is mixed with foam concentrate to extinguish a fire in foam water sprinkler systems. Fires involving flammable solvents, including gas and alcohol, require foam to be destroyed. As a result, gasses are easily suffocated and thus do not re-flash.